Our Discovering Heroes® Book Series is Making News

Here are some headlines:

Radio Stations Across the U.S., Canada Are Talking About Our Discovering Heroes® Series

CEO Kristie Kiernan Bouryal is appearing on radio stations across the U.S. and Canada. Listen to interviews on the “The Schilling Show,” “Allman in the Morning,” the “Idea Exchange with Brenda Murphy,” “Joan Esposito: Live, Local and Progressive,” “NewsRadio KMOX,” “Stories from Main Street,” the “Women’s Radio Network,” and “Radio NL, Kamloops, British Columbia,” to highlight a few. Learn why Kristie believes that kids learning about 9/11 shouldn’t be left to chance.

Bloggers Buzzing About ‘9/11 Courage and Tributes’

Bloggers are buzzing about the latest release in the Discovering Heroes® book series. Read an interview with author Kristie Kiernan Bouryal in Motherhood Moment. Read reviews of “9/11 Courage and Tributes” in A Net in Time, Russells Loving Life, Bless Their Hearts Mom and Thomas L. Law III’s blogs.

Context Productions LLC Releases Third Book in its 9/11 Series for Kids: ‘9/11 Courage and Tributes’

– Book Discusses Tributes to the Fallen, the Courage of Everyday Heroes, Their Role in America’s Largest Water Evacuation and the Lasting Impact of 9/11

9/11 Courage and Tributes’ is the Third Book in the Discovering Heroes® series for Kids, Which Increases Awareness to 9/11 and Everyday Heroes

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Showing Appreciation to 9/11 First Responders

In our second book, “Remembering Heroes,” everyday heroes lifted the spirits of first responders by holding signs on Hero Highway. Download a blank sign here and have your child create his/her own. Share the sign with us to have it considered for publishing online or in print.

Context Productions Releases New 9/11 Book for Kids: ‘Remembering Heroes’

– ‘Remembering Heroes’ is the Second Book in the Discovering Heroes™ Series, Which Increases Awareness About 9/11/01 and Everyday Heroes

– Book Pays Tribute to the Fallen, Including Heroes from FDNY’s Rescue Company 1

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WCBS Newsradio 880: With a Gentle Approach for a Tender Audience, Author Aims To Teach Kids About 9/11

Reporter Sean Adams from WCBS Newsradio 880 interviewed CEO Kristie Kiernan Bouryal and her parents, who inspired her, about her Discovering Heroes® book series. Read the story and listen to the interview now.

The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Acknowledges ‘My Buddy’s a Hero – And I Didn’t Even Know It’

The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) wrote a story for its members and affiliates about “My Buddy’s a Hero – And I Didn’t Even Know It” by Author Kristie Kiernan Bouryal.

New Kids Book Series Reveals True Stories of 9/11 Heroism and Helps Kids Expose Heroes in Their Lives

– ‘My Buddy’s a Hero – And I Didn’t Even Know It’ is the Inaugural Edition in the Discovering Heroes® Series of Books by Context Productions

– Grandfather, Former Lieutenant in the FDNY’s Elite Rescue Units Shares 9/11 Experience with Grandkids in First Book of the Series

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The Following is an excerpt from My Buddy’s a Hero – And I Didn’t Even Know It by Kristie Kiernan Bouryal. Available Now.

Chapter 2

Tyler, Olivia and Sophia were shocked. They were surprised this was the first time they were learning so many details they hadn’t heard before.    

“Grandpa, what did you see when you got there?” Tyler asked curiously. “I saw plumes of dust clouds and smoke from the fire that had taken over the buildings earlier,” Grandpa explained. “I remember it was eerily quiet,” he continued.  

“There were no planes in the air, no helicopters overhead – it was nothing like it would have been on a normal day. There were random pieces of paper flying in the air. Caked debris was everywhere, but the streets of downtown New York City, which we also refer to as Manhattan, were desolate,” he said.

“When I started to get close to the site where the buildings fell, I started to see firemen,” Grandpa shared. “Some were slumped over sitting on the street curb. Some were walking without direction. I could tell they were devastated and in shock. They had never experienced anything like this before,” he said.

“What did you do next, Grandpa?” Olivia asked, looking concerned. “I saw some firemen I knew, so I walked towards them and then I put on the fire coat, helmet and boots that I carried with me,” he said.


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