Context Productions Releases New 9/11 Book for Kids: ‘Remembering Heroes’

– ‘Remembering Heroes’ is the Second Book in the Discovering Heroes™ Series, Which Increases Awareness About 9/11/01 and Everyday Heroes

– Book Pays Tribute to the Fallen, Including Heroes from FDNY’s Rescue Company 1

NEW YORK, March 4, 2019 — Context Productions, a media company, has announced its second book, “Remembering Heroes,” is available now. “Remembering Heroes” is the second edition in the Discovering Heroes™ series of books for kids, which increases awareness about September 11, 2001 and everyday heroes.

“Today’s kids know little about September 11, 2001, but we’re going to change that,” said Author Kristie Kiernan Bouryal. “With this book and others in the series, I hope to give every teacher, parent, grandparent, or close relative of a child, a variety of ways to spark discussion about the extraordinarily heroic actions of everyday people during America’s darkest time,” Bouryal continued. “There’s never been a better time than now to give voice to stories of unity, bravery and love to educate kids about 9/11 and everyday heroes.”

Bouryal’s father is John Kiernan, a former lieutenant in the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY), who along with his wife, Benita Kiernan, inspired the series. “The books focus on the people in the towers, the ones who ran in to help and the many amazing things people did,” John Kiernan said. “On 9/11, people lost parents, children, siblings, friends, mentors, coaches, construction workers, firefighters, police – people from all walks of life. Regular people who touched the lives of others in so many different ways and would have continued to throughout their lives. My family and I miss spending time with my closest FDNY brothers. There were so many who would have experienced life with us, but now they watch over their families and ours from heaven. Future generations should know their stories,” he said.

The main characters in “Remembering Heroes,” and Bouryal’s first book, “My Buddy’s a Hero – And I Didn’t Even Know It,” are grandparents, who lovingly inform their grandchildren about 9/11 and the people who gave their lives, as they respond to the natural curiosity of the kids. In “Remembering Heroes,” the family visits FDNY’s Rescue Company 1 in New York City to attend a memorial service for September 11, 2001. There, the kids learn about the 343 fallen members of the FDNY, including the 11 heroes from that firehouse. The family also explores the meaning of everyday heroes.

“Kristie Kiernan Bouryal strikes a delicate balance of being informative but not too detailed, of being emotive but not frightening. Her work is based on true events and her approach is refreshingly clever, yet gentle. Her books are a must read for kids of all ages,” said New York City Educator Victoria Heidel.  

“The books focus on the people in the towers, the ones who ran in to help and the many amazing things people did .” – Former FDNY Lt. John Kiernan

In the inaugural edition of the series, the grandkids learn for the first time that their grandfather helped rescue the last man out alive from the ruins of the World Trade Center. In the third book, due out in June, the family visits very special places created to remember and honor people who gave their lives on 9/11.

This series is fitting for kids of all ages, especially seven through 11. “Remembering Heroes” is available through wholesaler Ingram, on Bouryal’s Amazon Author Page and coming soon to additional sites and stores. Bouryal’s first book is also available through Ingram, her Amazon Author Page,, in the FDNY Fire Zone in New York City, in the New York City Fire Museum and more stores. Teaching tools for both books are available at

Context Productions is a media company that creates and publishes content for kids. Our Discovering Heroes™ series of non-fiction, chapter books reveal first-person accounts of heroism tied to September 11, 2001 and help kids uncover stories of everyday heroes in their lives. For more information, visit or connect with us on FacebookLinkedInInstagram and Twitter.


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