‘My Buddy’s a Hero — And I Didn’t Even Know It’

Title: My Buddy's a Hero — And I Didn’t Even Know It
Published by: Context Productions
Release Date: September 2018
Contributors: Kristie Kiernan Bouryal
Genre: ,
Pages: 36

In this true story, a retired lieutenant in the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) for the first time shares his brave September 11, 2001 experience with his grandchildren. Countless stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things surround us, but revealing their stories takes know-how. Through this authentic story and others in the series, kids increase their awareness about 9/11 and everyday heroes. They also learn how to ask probing questions and become active listeners and curious learners seeking context.

"My Buddy's a Hero — And I Didn't Even Know It" is the first book of the Discovering Heroes™ series of books for kids of all ages, especially 7-11. "Remembering Heroes" is the second book in the series. "9/11 Courage and Tributes" is the third.

The books are available through Ingram,,, (which benefits the Fire Department of New York City),, and many more sites and retailers.

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