Hard, Soft Covers and Digital Edition for ‘My Buddy’s a Hero – And I Didn’t Even Know It’ Available Now

In this first book of the Discovering Heroes series, the main characters, Tyler, Olivia and Sophia, learn that their Grandfather helped rescue the last man out alive from the ruins of the World Trade Center tragedy.

It’s the first time the three ever heard that Grandpa was a part of the September 11, 2001 rescue and recovery efforts. His story only unfolded because the main characters asked questions, were active listeners and sought deeper meaning. In this inaugural edition, kids learn what it was really like on America’s darkest day and open their minds to a world full of stories about everyday heroes just waiting to be told.

In later books in this Discovering Heroes series, Tyler, Olivia and Sophia learn about some of Grandpa’s brave friends that gave their lives on September 11, 2001, about their Grandmother’s role as mission command during the country’s greatest disaster and of the many victims still losing their lives to September 11 due to health-related issues and more.

The approach Tyler, Olivia and Sophia take, is an approach any child can take to learn more about the heroes closest to them. We hope your child, family members and students will join us on these adventures and begin to uncover the heroes around them.